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Friday, December 14, 2012

A successful climb of Aconcagua!!!

Today we returned from climbing Aconcagua!  We are in Mendoza now relaxing and enjoying La Pura Vida!!!  We summitted on December 12th, it was a beautiful day with little wind on the summit.  We really were lucky because before and after the wind was very high and prevented climbers from going to the summit.  We 'hunkered' down in our tents during the windy days leading up to our climb to the top.  It was a great climb, & I look forward to making another lap on Aconcagua in a few weeks time!  Here are a few photos from summit day:

1. Ari making the final steps to the summit, the south face of Aconcagua in the back ground.

2. Ari & I in the back seat of the B 3 Eurocopter taking the scenic flight from Plaza de Mulas to Horcones visitor center the day after our summit.

3. Me on the summit in my Sherpa Adventure Gear down jacket! (warm & comfortable!)

4. The sunset looking west towards Chile on our way down from the summit to high camp.

-Garrett Madison

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