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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aconcagua Bound!

Today I met up with my group and we checked our personal equipment and are ready to head up to the mountain and start climbing!  This will be my 9th Aconcagua expedition, and hopefully my 7th summit of the peak.  We will drive to Punta del Inca tomorrow, then begin trekking to base camp (3 days).  From there we will climb the mountain & hopefully summit around December 14-15 pending the weather and conditions.  I will be carrying the RainOn tracking system that will allow me to send short messages along with my location on the 3D map.

I'm excited to be climbing the highest peak outside of Asia, at nearly 7000 meters.  It's great training for high altitude climbing in the Himalaya.

Right now according to the weather forecast the wind speed is up to 130 kilometers per hour, that is pretty strong wind and not possible to summit.  Hopefully this weather will blow through and we will have a perfect summit day!

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